Shipping Canada Post


Q: What is your shipping policy?

A: See our shipping policy listed below. It contains complete details regarding the different delivery services that are available.

Q: Can I have my online order delivered to an address other than my own?

A: Yes. You can have your online order delivered to any address you choose, as long as it is within Canada. This option is perfect for sending gifts! Simply enter the address into the “Delivery Address” field at checkout.

Shipping policy

All products sold by Langevin Forest can be delivered to your residence. This service is only available within Canada. For orders outside of Canada, please contact our customer service via email at"> or by telephone at 1-800-889-2060 .

3 easy steps!

  1. Place your order online at or by telephone at 514-322-9330 (local) or 1-800-889-2060 (long distance).
  2. Make a secure payment for your purchases.
  3. Receive your order within a few days!
  4. Langevin Forest offers you the most economical and efficient delivery solutions.

Delivery via Canada Post

Coverage area: Canada

>Delivery delay: 1 to 3 business days

>Applicable products: This service is used for smaller parcels


  • Boxes with dimensions up to 12" x 12" x 48" or 36" x 36" x 12"
  • Panels with dimensions up to 24" x 48"
  • Materials for sculpting, turning, artisan work, etc…
  • Books, hardware…

For any products that cannot be delivered by Canada Post, a note to that effect is included on the “details” page for that product.

Canada Post Restrictions

Parcel size and weight restrictions:

  • Maximum length: 2 metres (78 3/4")
  • Maximum circumference: 3 metres (118")
  • Length + (Height x 2) + (Width x 2 ) < 3 metres
  • Maximum weight: 30 kg (66 lbs)

Hazardous products:

We are not permitted to ship hazardous materials.

Liquids such as strippers, solvents, thinners, paints, lacquers, and varnishes can only be delivered by Canada Post in formats of 500 ml or less.

Winter delivery period

We do not ship items that are sensitive to freezing during winter months.

Delivery charge for shipments by Canada Post

Shipping fees vary depending on the amount of the order.

Orders amount      Shipping cost
Orders up to 20 $   8 $
20,01 $ to 50 $   10$
50,01 $ to 100 $   12 $
100,01 $ to 150 $   14 $
Orders over 150 $   16 $

Additional charges : From 12$ to 16$ of additional charges applies for heavy or oversize items.

Remote areas and products not covered by Canada Post services

We make every effort to deliver everywhere within Canada. However, home delivery of oversized parcels to some remote areas is not always possible and/or may incur additional delivery charges – particularly in remote communities accessible only by air.

Orders weighing more than 66 lbs (30 kg) or having a length in excess of 78" (200 cm) cannot be delivered by Canada Post but can be shipped using a common carrier.

In such cases one of our customer service representatives will contact you to discuss the best way ship your order.