Bessey variable angle strap frame clamp VAS-23 2K

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The strap clamp can surround the project and apply pressure evenly to most corners with the help of the Vario Corner Clips. Vario clip corners with twin-tilting pressure pads auto-adjust from 60° to 180° for easy assembly of most multi-angle projects. The special woven polyester band provides high resistance to tearing, and a clamping range of 23 ft. Strap draws simultaneously from both sides ensuring pressure is applied equally on all corners without distortion.

Additional corner clips also available here >


Features :

  • Ergonomic composite handle
  • Even pressure on mitre joints
  • Comes with 4 pivoting vario corners
  • 23' clamping capacity
  • 4 corner clip with auto adjustment angle from 60° to 180° includes in package