Exotic (International)

African Blackwood

Grenadille d'Afrique
Botanic name : Dalbergia melanoxylon
Other name : Grenadille d'Afrique (famille des palissandres), ébène du Mozambique
Origin : Mozambique (Africa)
Weight : 6,25 lbs/bft
Density: 1,2
Properties: Very hard, heavy, fine and regular texture
Color: Dark purple brown, black veins

Musical Instruments, Wood Turning, Sculpting, Marquetery

African Blackwood products

African mahogany

Acajou Africain
Botanic name : Khaya ivorensis
Other name: Khaya, Acajou africain
Origin: Western and Central Africa
Weight: 3 lbs/bft
Density: 0,54 à 0,59
Properties: Durable, stable
Color: Medium pinkish brown
Usage: Trim Work, Furniture, Sculpting

African Mahogany products


Botanic name: Olea spp
Other name: Olivier, O. europea, O.hochstetteri, european olive
Origin: Europe and Africa (Kenya et Uganda)
Weight: 5.4 lb/p.m.p
Density: 0,80
Properties:  regular and fine texture
Couleur: Streaked pale beige and brown irregular veins
Usage: Furniture, woodturning,carving, paneling

Olive products

African padauk

Padouk africain
Botanic name : Pterocarpus soyauxii
Other name: Padouk d'Afrique
Origin: Western and Central Africa
Weight: 3,7 lbs/bft
Density: 0,72
Properties: Semi-hard, lustrous
Color: Red-orange
Usage: Furniture, Decorative Pieces, Wood Turning

African padauk products

Amazonian rosewood

Botanic name : Platymiscium trinitatum
Other name: Macacauba, Trebol, macawoodhornigo
Origin: Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador
Weight: 4,2 lbs/bft
Density: 0,80
Properties: Durable, easy to work with, similar to bubinga
Color: Red to reddish brown on pale pinkish brown
Usage: Trim Work, Furniture, Wood Turning, Marquetery,
Flatware, Musical Instruments

Amazonian rosewood products


Botanic name : Aningeria spp
Other name: Aniégré, Aningre, osan
Origin: Africa
Weight: 3,3 lbs/bft
Density: 0,54
Properties: Soft wood, lustered
Color: Pale pinkish brown
Usage: Architectural Woodwork, Mouldings

Aniegre products

Australian cypress

Botanic name : Callitris Glauca
Other name: Cyprès (genoux), callitris
Origin: Australia
Weight: 2,5 lbs/bft
Density;: 0,49
Properties: Very durable, stable, easy to work with and to finish.
Dry wood may split when nailed. Used as knotted wood.
Color: Cream to golden brown, veined
Usage: Trim Work, Panelling, Flooring, Cupboards

Australian cypress products


Botanic name : Shorea guiso
Other name: Balangeran, Balau merah, Membatu
Origin: Asia and Oceania
Density:  0.87
Properties: semi-hard, hard
Color: Red brown
Usage: woodworking, parquet, furniture, stairs

Balau products


Botanic name : Ochroma pyramidale
Other name:  
Origin: South America (Ecuador, Uruguay)
Weight: 0,9 lbs/bft
Densité: 0,16
Properties: Very light but rigid
Color: Beige white
Usage: Sets, Insulation, Models

Balsa products

Black Ebony

Ébène noire d'Afrique
Botanic name : Diospyros crassiflora
Other name: Ébène noire d'Afrique, Gabon,
Origin: Africa
Weight 5,5 lbs/bft
Densité: 1,03
Properties: Very hard, heavy
Color: Black or charcoal

Inlay Work, Musical Instruments, Wood Turning, Marquetery

Black Ebony products

Black gum

Botanic name : Nyssa aquatica
Other name: Tupelo, Gommier noir
Origin: United States
Weight: 2 lbs/bft
Density: 0,50
Properties: Soft
Color: Beige white to pale yellowish brown
Usage: Sculpting

Black gum products


Botanic name : Cordia gerascanthus
Other name:  
Origin: Mexico
Weight: 4,3 lbs/bft
Density;: 0,73
Properties: Hard, patterned
Color: Yellowish brown, black veins
Usage: Luxory Decorative Pieces, Furniture, Marquetery

Bocote products

Brazilian tulipwood

Bois de rose véritable
Botanic name : Dalbergia frutescens
Other name: Bois de rose véritable, Bois de rose mâle
Origin: South America (Brazil)
Weight: 4,6 lbs/bft
Density: 0,96
Properties: Hard
Color: Pink or violet lines on beige
Usage: Decorative Pieces, Furniture

Brazilian tulipwood products


Botanic name : Guibourtia demeusei
Other name: Kevazingo, oveng
Origin: Western Africa
Weight: 4,1 lbs/bft
Density: 0,88
Properties: Hard, curly and wavy pattern
Color: Reddish
Usage: Trim Work, Furniture, Wood Turning

Bubinga products

Burma teak

Teck de Birmanie
Botanic name : Tectona grandis
Other name: Teck de Birmanie, Thai teak
Origin: Asia (Myanmar, Thailande)
Weight: 3,6 lbs/bft
Density: 0,65
Properties: Semi-hard,oily, durable
Color: Golden brown
Usage: Trim Work, Naval Woodworking, Furniture

Burma teak products


Canary wood
Botanic name: Arariba, Tarara
Other name:  Tarara, canarywood
Origin: South America (Brazil)
Weight: 4,1 lbs/bft
Density;: 0,85
Properties: Hard, veined
Color: Light yellow to irregular orange
Usage: Decorative Pieces, Furniture, Wood Turning

Canarywood products


Botanic name : Dypteryx odorata
Other name: Gaiac de Cayenne, tonka
Origin: South America (Brazil)
Weight: 5,5 lbs/bft
Density: 1,05
Properties: Very hard, Very heavy
Color: Medium brown
Usage: Decorative Pieces, Flooring, Patios, Docks, Wood Turning

Cumaru products


Botanic name :  Afzelia spp
Other name:  Afzelia africana Smith, A.bipindensis Harms, A.pachyloba Harms
Origin: Western Africa
Density: 0,82
Properties: Durable, stable
Color: straw
Usage: Woodworking (frame doors and windows, stairs, countertops)

Doussie products

European Beech

Hêtre européen
Botanic name : Fagus sylvatica
Other name: Hêtre Européen
Origin: Europe
Weight: 3,5 lbs/bft
Density: 0,69
Properties: Semi-hard, very fine texture, matte finish
Color: Very pale brown to pale pinkish brown
Usage: Furniture, Wood Turning, Bending, Dowels, Butcher Blocks, Toys,
Flatware and Kitchen Accessories

European Beech products


Botanic name : Apuleia Leiocarpa
Other name: Molaris
Origin: Amazonian forest, south of Brazil
Density: 0,79
Properties: durable (variable)
Color: yellow, caramel
Usage: Exterior carpentry, carpentry, flooring, shipbuilding

Garapa products

Genuine Mahogany

Acajou d'amérique
Botanic name : Swietenia macrophylla
Other name: Acajou américain, acajou d'Amérique, acajou brésilien,
acajou du Honduras, mogno
Origin: Tropical South America
Weight: 3,4 lbs/bft
Density 0,54 à 0,64
Properties: Sustainable, stable
Color: Medium reddish brown
Usage: Trim Work, Woodworking, Furniture, Molds

Genuine Mahogany products


Botanic name : Dalbergia retusa
Other name: Cocobolo
Origin: Central America et Mexico
Weight: 4,4 lbs/bft
Densité: 1,10
Properties: Hard
Color: Dark reddish brown to orange
Usage: Decorative Pieces, Furniture, Wood Turning

Granadillo products

Honduras rosewood

Palissandre du Honduras
Botanic name : Dalbergia stevensonii
Other name: Palissandre du Honduras
Origin: Central America and Belize
Weight: 5,1 lbs/bft
Density: 0,96
Properties: Very hard
Color: Pinkish to reddish brown
Usage: Musical Instruments (percussion)

Honduras rosewood products

Indian rosewood

palissandre des Indes
Botanic name : Dalbergia latifolia
Other name: Palissandre des Indes,Sonokeling
Origin: Asia (Indonesia, India, Java, Malaysia)
Weight: 4,5 lbs/bft
Density: 0,85
Properties: Hard to very hard
Color: Dark purplish brown
Usage: Furniture, Decorative Pîeces, Wood Turning

Indian rosewood products


Botanic name : Tabebuia serratifolia
Other name: Ébène verte, pau d’arco
Origin: South of America(Brazil)
Weight: 5,4 lbs/bft.
Density: 1,08
Properties: Very hard, very durable
Color: Dark olive brown

Exterior Woor Work, Flooring, Walkways, Docks, Patios

Ipe products


Botanic name : Chlorophora excelsa
Other name: Mvule, Mvuli, Odum,Kambala,Tule,Intule, Moreira
Origin: Western Africa
Weight: 3,4 lbs/bft
Density: 0,64
Properties: Semi-Hard
Color: Brown red
Usage: Woodworking, trim work, carpentry (benches), carving, woodturning

Iroko products


Botanic name : Hymenaea courbaril, hymenaea davisii
Other name: Copalier, courbaril, brazilian cherry
Origin: South America
Weight: 4,2 lbs/bft
Density: 0,91
Properties: Hard, lustrous
Color: Pinkish to reddish brown
Usage: Trim Work, Bending, Flooring, Wood Turning

Jatoba products


Bois de violette
Botanic name : Dalbergia cearensis
Other name: Bois de violette
Origin: South America (Brazil, Guyana)
Weight: 4,6 lbs/bft
Density: 1,2
Properties: Hard
Color: Violet to black veins on violet
Usage: Decorative Pieces, Furniture

Kingwood products

Lignum vitae

Botanic name : Quaiacum officinale
Other name: Gaiac, Bois de gaiac
Origin: Central America, West Indies
Weight: 6,2 lbs/bft
Density: 1,23
Properties: One of the hardest woodsnde, contient des huiles naturelles
Color: Veined olive brown

Beads, Pulleys and Bearings, Wood Turning

Lignum vitae products

Macassar ebony

Ébène de Macassar
Botanic name : Diospyros celebica
Other name: Ébène de Macassar, Ébène veiné
Origin: Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Sulawesi)
Weight: 5,8 lbs/bft.
Density: 1,09
Properties: Very hard, heavy
Color: Black with beige or bworn lines
Usage: Musical Instruments, Marquetery, Wood Turning

Macassar Ebony products


Botanic name : Tieghemella africana
Other name: Makoré., African cherry, douka
Origin: Western Africa
Weight: 3,4 lbs/bft
Density: 0,62
Properties: Semi-Hard
Color: Pale reddish brown
Usage: Interior and Exterior Wood Work

Makore products

Mayan Rosewood

Palissandre des Caraibes
Botanic name : Dalbergia tucurensis
Other name: Palissandre du Guatemala
Origin: Central America (Guatemala)
Weight: 4,6 lbs/bft
Density: 0,88
Properties: Hard, patterned
Color: Dark reddish brown

Furniture, Decorative Pieces, Wood Turning

Mayan Rosewood products

Mun Ebony

Mun Ébony
Botanic name :  
Other name:  
Origin: Tropical South America
Weight: 3,4 lbs/bft
Density: 0,54 à 0,64
Properties: Durable, stable
Color: Brown red
Usage: Trim work, woodworking, furniture

Mun Ebony products


Botanic name : Aucoumea klaineana
Other name: Okoumé, Gaboon
Origin: Western Africa
Weight: 3,1 lbs/bft
Density: 0,43
Properties: Soft, light
Color: Salmon pink
Usage: Marine Grade Plywood

Okoume products

Peruvian Walnut

Noyer péruvien
Botanic name : Juglans neotropica
Other name: Noyer péruvien, Nogal
Origin: South America (Peru)
Weight: 3,4 lbs/bft.
Density: 0,65
Properties: Semi-hard, uniform
Color: Black-brown
Usage: Trim Work, Clocks, Furniture, Flooring

Peruvian Walnut products


Botanic name : Peltogyne spp
Other name: Amarante, bois violet, amaranth, pau roxo
Origin: South America (Brazil)
Weight: 4,4 lbs/bft
Density: 0,86
Properties: Very Durable, dense
Color: Dark violet

Exterior Woodworking, Furniture

Purpleheart products

Red Arariba

Arariba rose
Botanic name : Centrolobium tomentosum
Other name: Arariba rouge, red arariba
Origin: Tropical South America
Weight: 4,3 lbs/bft
Density: 0,86
Properties: Hard, irregular texture
Color: Pink or red lines on pinkish background
Usage: Decorative Pieces, Furniture, Wood Turning, Marquetery

Red Arariba products


Chakte kok
Botanic name : Sickingia salvadorensis
Other name: Chakte kok
Origin: Mexico and Central America
Weight: 3,4 lbs / bft
Density;: 0,68
Properties: Fine and narrow texture, nice finish
Color: Dark pink to bright red
Usage: Decorative Pieces, Boxes, Wood Turning, Marquetery

Redheart products

Santos mahogany

Botanic name : Miroxylon balsamum
Other name: Cabriuva, Balsamo
Origin: South America (Brazil)
Weight: 3,6 lbs/bft
Densité: 0,95
Properties: Hard, very durable
Color: Dark reddish brown, with tints of orange to purple
Usage: Furniture, Decorative Pieces, Wood Turning

Santos mahogany products

Santos Rosewood

Botanic name : Machaerium sceleroxylon
Other name: Morado, Santos Rosewood
Origin: South America (Brazil)
Weight: 4,4 lbs/bft
Density: 1,00
Properties: Hard
Color: Pinkish brown to dark reddish brown
Usage: Boxes, Furniture, Decorative Pieces, Wood Turning

Santos Rosewood products

Sapele (Quartered cut)

Botanic name : Entandrophragma cylindricum
Other name: Sapelli (sur quartier)
Origin: Africa
Weight: 3,3 lbs/bft
Density: 0,62
Properties: Semi-hard, straight ribbon stripe, rather stable
Color: Medium reddish brown
Usage: Interior Wood Work, Mouldings

Sapele products

Shedua (Ovangkol)

Botanic name : Guibourtia ehie
Other name: Shedua, amazakoué
Origin: Africa
Weight: 4 lbs/bft
Density: 0,80
Properties: Hard
Color: Charcoal, grey

Woodworking, tile, woodturning

Shedua (Ovangkol) products

Spanish cedar

Cèdre espagnol
Botanic name : Cedrela odorata
Other name: Cèdre espagnol, Cedro
Origin: Tropical South America
Weight: 2,6 lbs/bft
Densité: 0,48
Properties: Semi-hard, durable
Color: Light reddish brown
Usage: Racing Canoes, Cigar Boxes, Doors and Windows

Spanish Cedar products


Goncalo alves
Botanic name : Astronium fraxinifolium
Other name: Gonçalo Alves, urunday
Origin: Brazil
Weight: 5 lbs/bft
Density: 0,92 à 1,10
Properties: Very hard and heavy
Color: Brown lines or spots on light brown
Usage: Trim Work, Furniture, Decorative Pieces, Wood Turning

Tigerwood products


Botanic name : Millettia laurentii
Other name: Wengé
Origin: Africa
Weight: 4,8 lbs/bft
Density: 0,88
Properties: Hard
Color: Dark brown wiht black lines
Usage: Marquetery, Flooring, Wood Turning

Wenge products


Pau amarillo
Botanic name : Buxylophora paraensis
Other name: Pau amarillo, Amarelo, buis du Brésil
Origin: South America (Brazil)
Weight: 4,1 lbs/bft
Density: 1,00
Properties: Hard, fine texture
Color: Pale yellow
Usage: Marquetery, Decorative Pieces, Wood Turning

Yellowheart products


Botanic name : Microberlinia brazzaviiensis
Other name: Zébrano (sur quartier) zingana
Origin: Africa
Weight: 4 lbs/bft
Density: 0,74
Properties: Hard
Color: Brown to black lines on beige
Usage: Trim Work, Panelling, Marquetery, Wood Turning

Zebrawood products