Langevin Forest carries a unique collection of exclusive moulding designs, created and fabricated in our own shop by skilled employees using the highest quality lumber. The Langevin Forest collection is available in red oak, cherry wood and spliced pine.


If you’ve taken a shine to one of our particular moulding styles and would like to obtain it in the lumber of your choice, we can customize it on-site with the type of wood you prefer.


For those who lovingly restore old furniture or architectural details, Langevin Forest offers moulding duplication services. We can reproduce antique style mouldings that will allow you to restore and retain the historical details of your project.

* Please note that our workshop closes 30 minutes ealier than the store and that all services available at our shop apply only to lumber that was purchased at Langevin Forest. Service delivery may vary depending on the volume of orders already in progress and how busy we are at the store. Thank you for your understanding.