Tannic activator - 946 ml

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Tannic activator is an impregnating agent which enhance the wood reaction of Barn wood effect - aging agent concentrated for wood. The tannic activator is not used alone. It must absolutely be applied before the application of the product Barn wood effect - aging agent concentrated for wood.

Use tannic activator  on woods that do not react enough with Barn wood effect. It can be used on planed, brushed or rough wood.


Preparation :

  1. The surface must be free of any finishing product.
  2. Sand planed wood with a 100 to 120 grit sandpaper to ease the penetration of the product.
  3. Shake well before application.


Application :

  1. Apply with a brush, a roll or an application pad, or with a sprayer.
  2. Saturate the wood with the product.
  3. Wait 2 to 4 hours before applying Barn wood effect.


Coverage :

100 sq. ft. per liter


Size available :

  • 946 ml


Caution :

  • Test and try the product to find the right dilution ratio.
  • Wear gloves when using this product.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


White pine siding

White pine siding

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