False Graining Techniques

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Auteur : Oberholtzer, Beth
Maison d'édition: Fox Chapel Publishing
Année de publication :2013
Nombre de pages: 40

False Graining Techniques introduces you to the unique craft of grain painting, the decorative technique of imitating wood grain on furniture, accessories and other objects. With this book, you can try your hand - literally - at making beautiful designs with such tools as corncobs, rubber combs, foam brushes and even your own fingers. The authors provide all of the information you need to get started, with handy tips on tools, materials and techniques. Six easy projects show how to transform plain surfaces into textured and stylised veneers. Step-by-step photos cover all the details necessary to achieve artistic painting effects. A colourful gallery of finished pieces will inspire you with expressive modern variations of this innovative technique.