Patio & Walkways: Idea Book

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Le livre Patio & Walkways: Idea Book est disponible en anglais seulement. Auteur : Peter Jeswald Nombre de pages : 192 Patios and walks no longer consist of bland expanses of concrete or an unimaginative rectangle tacked onto the back of a house. Designs are elaborate and materials abundant. There's no better way to get a glimpse at how you can transform your landscape than with the inspiration in Patios & Walkways Idea Book. This book has it all, from front entries to back patios, pool decking to outdoor kitchens, paths through the woods to retaining walls and terracing close to the house. In addition to the wide-ranging examples of styles and materials, you'll find advice for all the practical concerns you have questions about. About the author: Peter Jeswald is a builder and designer in Massachusetts. His work includes residential projects, as well as medical facilities, a school renovation, retail stores, and restaurants. He is also the author of Basement Ideas That Work (published by The Taunton Press), How to Build Paths, Steps, and Footbridges, and Homework: Ten Steps to Foolproof Planning before Building.