Marine grade exterior varnish - 1 L

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Marine grade exterior varnish - 1 L

This marine grade exterior varnish is a clear, tough coating that protects and beautifies all exterior wood surfaces. Its unique polymerized tung oil formula provides a breathable water repellant surface. Rain and snow cannot penetrate the coating to damage the wood. Circa 1850 Exterior Varnish contains transparent absorbers to screen out UV rays and inhibit the greying and fading effects of the sun. It also incorporates a superior fungicide and mildewcide to increase performance.


1. Stir contents thoroughly prior to and during application. Do not shake.

2. Apply without dilution. Apply a generous coat of Circa 1850 Exterior Varnish using a pure bristle brush to all exposed surfaces, including cracks. Apply evenly with long strokes in the direction of the grain.

3. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours. 

4. Lightly sand the surface, remove all dust and apply a second or third coat as above. Inspect the finish annually for cracking, abrasion, or weathering.

5. Lightly sand and recoat problem areas to correct any deterioration and renew the finish.


Allow 24 hours prior to normal use. Avoid heavy traffic on floors for at least 72 hours. Dry time may be affected by high humidity, temperatures below 20°C (68°F), or application of thick coats.



Clean up using mineral spirits, paint thinner or turpentine.

More Information
Product typeVarnish
Size1 L
Drying time24 hours
Coverage100 square feet per liter
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