Angelim Vermelho - Rough KD

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Angelim Vermelho - Bois brut

Angelim Vermelho heartwood is reddish brown, sometimes with colored streaks; slightly paler sapwood isn’t always clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Freshly sawn surfaces can have a lighter olive hue, with color darkening to a deeper reddish brown with age.

Its grain is usually interlocked, with a uniform, medium-coarse texture. Angelim Vermelho has a moderate natural luster.

Rated as durable to very durable, with good resistance to insect attack.

Considered to be difficult to work on account of its density and irregular grain. The wood also has a high cutting resistance with a pronounced blunting effect on cutters.


Rough boards comes directly from sawmills in various thicknesses, lengths and widths. The dimensions of each board vary depending on the lots received. Classification and measurement of wood are carried out according to industry standards (NHLA).

Rough lumber (not planed) can be chosen from the lumber yard. We also have a selection of two-sided planed lumber, available in store.

Prices are available in pmp (board measuring feet). 1 bf is equivalent to a volume 1 inch thick x 12 inches wide and 1 foot long.

The thicknesses are expressed in quarter inch (exemple : 4/4 = 1",  5/4 = 1 ¼",  8/4 = 2", 12/4 = 3")

Widths are rounded in inches and lengths are rounded in feet.


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