Yellowheart KD Rough

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4/4 Yellowheart rough
In stock : 183 PMP
8/4 Yellowheart rough
In stock : 78 PMP
Pau amarillo - bois brut

The color of Yellowheart varies from pale yellow to golden yellow, only darkening slightly with age. The sapwood is pale yellow / white. Its grain is generally straight, although some figured pieces may have a wavy or interlocking grain. Its texture is fine and uniform and its luster is naturally high. It is normally fairly easy to work with using hand or power tools. It sticks easily and reacts well to finishing products.

Yellowheart is classified as moderately durable for mold resistance.

Some people may have a slight skin reaction when working with this essence. So be very careful and wear gloves if necessary.

It is commonly used for furniture, boat building, lumber, flooring, and more.

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