Customizable branding iron, Wall

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Customizable branding iron, Wall

Customizable branding iron, Wall

The CM125-W customizable branding iron is ideal for marking and customize your projects. You can burn your name or a logo on almost every projects you want! Can be used on wood, leather, etc.

Includes :

  • 125 W branding iron
  • Storage case
  • Tool stand
  • User instructions
  • Personalized branding iron order form

How to customize your branding iron :

At the reception of your customizable branding iron, you will need to fill out the order form included in the box and mail it to the manufacturer to receive tour customized head within 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Maximum of 20 letters or numbers per line, including spaces
  • Capital lettres only
  • Letters height : 3/16"
  • Option #1 - Option #2 - Option #3 - Option #4 (free when you purchase th customizable branding iron)
  • Option #5 : Possiblity to have a custom iron with a logo or signature (additional cost about $250, approximate price, subject to change) 

Customizable branding iron is made by Wall Lenk (supplier). You will need to fill out the order form to order your personalized branding iron. Send the order form at Wall Lenk, see adress on order form.

Option #1, #2, #3 and #4 are free when you purchase the customizable branding iron. Option #5 has an additional fee of approximately $ 250 (price subject to change).


5 options :

    Option #1          Option #2
Line 1        HANDCRAFTED BY         Line 1        PROPERTY OF
Line 2   YOUR NAME   Line 2   YOUR NAME
    Option #3       Option #4
Line 1   MADE BY   Line 1   YOUR MESSAGE
Line 2   YOUR NAME   Line 2   YOUR MESSAGE
    Option #5        

Approximately about
$250 of additional cost
approximate price 
subject to change

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