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  • Dyes to be used and mixed with CUTEK EXTREME HIGH PERFORMANCE OIL in 3.6 liters format
  • A container of 90 ml is applicable per 3.6 liters of CUTEK EXTREME.
  • Mixing takes place during use.  Simply pour the dye into the gallon of CUTEK EXTREME OIL and mix it with a stick
  • Actual colors may vary form images.  It is better to carry out a color test beforehand
  • The final apperance differs depending on the number of coats applied and the type of wood
  • We invite you to come to our store to discover the different colors offered on western red cedar samples
  • Ideal for horizontal and vertical surfaces sur as decks
  • No flaking or peeling
  • No overlap
  • Stabilizes your wood by dramatically reducing splitting, warping and cupping.
  • Coverage up to 800 square feet per gallon

Come in store to discover our wooden display presenting the different colors offered by CUTEK

CUTEK® Extreme penetrates deeply into wood to control moisture, and minimize warping, cupping and splitting. Protecting from the inside out, CUTEK® Extreme will not flake or peel and maintenance is fast and simple – no need to sand or strip.

CUTEK® Extreme is a high-performance, oil-based wood stabilizer. Diffusing in the wood, the protective properties of CUTEK® Extreme will migrate to perforated, cut or damaged areas to fight against the damaging effects of moisture.

Penetrating deeply into wood, CUTEK® Extreme highlights the natural grain and beauty of wood while providing robust and long-lasting protection. CUTEK® Extreme will not flake or peel and maintenance is fast and simple – there’s no need to sand or strip.

CUTEK® Extreme is made to protect wood in the harshest Canadian conditions. CUTEK® Extreme diffuses throughout wood to control liquid and gas phase moisture to minimize warping, cupping and splitting. By improving the dimensional stability of wood, CUTEK® Extreme improves the service life of your wood.

CUTEK® Extreme enhances the natural beauty, grain and texture of wood. Applied as a clear oil, CUTEK® Extreme will allow wood to naturally silver over time. Mixing in one of our CUTEK® Colourtones will help to enhance and maintain the freshly oiled natural look of your wood or alter your wood colour to meet your design requirements.

Why Cutek Extreme : 

• Stabilizes your wood - Significantly reducing splitting, warping and cupping with a unique self-healing effect
• Simple and easy to use - No technical experience necessary • Maintenance is fast and simple - No need to sand or strip, just simply clean and recoat
• No flaking or peeling - Instead, the coating is designed to fade with time
• Cost effective - Up to 2x the coverage rate of most wood coatings
• Your wood is the star! - Enhances the natural colour and grain of your wood
• Sustainable choice - Significantly extends the service life of wood
• Long-term, cumulative protection - Stays active inside your wood to protect from the inside out
• CUTEK® cares - We plant one tree for every can of CUTEK® Extreme sold.

Use Cutek Extreme to protect :

  • Shingles and plywood
  • Log buildings
  • Beams and woodwork
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Decks and fascia boards

With Cutek Extreme, your outdoor projects will last for years.

For a personalized finish, mix the product with Cutek Colortones.

Coverage :

These figures represent typical averages for common decking and siding materials such as Western Red Cedar, Ipe, bamboo and other exotics, thermo-modified wood, etc.

  • New woods, dressed 10-20 m2 /L 400-800 ft2/gal
  • Old restored wood, dressed 6-8.5 m2/L 250-350 ft2/gal
  • New wood, rough sawn 6-7.5 m2/L 250-300 ft2/gal
  • Old restored wood, rough sawn 3.5-6 m2/L 150-250 ft2/gal
  • Shingles and shakes 2-5 m2/L 84-212 ft2/ga
  • Cedar - 400 to 800 square feet/gallon
  • Treated wood - 500 to 600 square feet/gallon
  • Ipe - 800 square feet/gallon
  • Garapa - 800 square feet/gallon
  • Bamboo - 800 square feet/gallon

Cutek Colortone:

Cutek Colortone adds natural color to Cutek Extreme colorless oil. Cutek Colortones stain is specially designed to match many common wood species. For best results, choose a color that is close to the natural shade of the wood species being treated.

The final color of your projects may vary. It is important to test a small area of your project to ensure that the color is correct before applying it to the entire project.

Cutek Colortones colorants mixed with Cutek Extreme will preserve the natural color character of the wood, delay graying and keep the freshly oiled look longer. When choosing your stain, it is important to take into account that the color of the wood will naturally lighten during the first three to eight months following application.

You can download the user's guide here

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