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Custom plug cutter drill guide kit - Kreg

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GABARIT DE PERÇAGE POUR VIS CACHÉES K4 MASTER KREG <@> L'ensemble K4MS, l'ultime système de jointage de kreg, est conçut pour les bricoleurs qui désirent s'initier au système d'assemblage par vis cachées. Détails de l'ensemble: - Gabarit de perçage amovible pour une utilisation sur table ou portative - S'ajuste par incrément de 1/8" pour des matériaux de 1/2" à 1 1/2" d'épaisseur - Gabarit de perçage à trois trous à espacement fixe breveté-Manchon collecteur de poussière éliminant les débris - Butée pour de perçage pour un positionnement constant des trous - Gabarit de perçage en acier trempé et garanti à vie MINI KREG JIG GRATUIT !

Take your 700-Series Pocket-Hole Jig to the next level by creating custom plugs from any wood.

With the Custom Plug Cutter Drill Guide Kit, you can hide prominent pocket holes in your projects with perfectly matched plugs made from any wood you choose. The Plug Cutter allows you to create face grain plugs that blend in amazingly well, whether the plugs are in line with the grain, or they run across the grain. These face grain plugs blend in better than conventional plugs that have visible end-grain.

In addition, the Custom Plug Cutter accepts accessory bits (sold separately) that can cut plugs for Kreg Micro-Pocket™ and HD pocket holes. The Plug Cutter Drill Guide Block simply slips into a Pocket-Hole Jig 720 or 720PRO in place of the normal drill guide block. That allows you to clamp your plug material in place and drill in the same way that’s used for creating pocket holes. To create the plugs, just chuck the plug cutting bit into any drill. The high-performance bit features a specially designed cutting tip that shears cleanly for a smooth, even plug. Fluting reduces heat and friction for better plugs and longer bit life, while a positive stop collar ensures perfect depth every time to produce accurately sized plugs. Once the plugs are drilled, they can easily be cut free using a band saw or hand saw.

Drill guide for use only with 700-Series Pocket-Hole Jigs.

Include :

  • Plug Cutter Drill Guide Block
  • Standard Plug Cutter Drill Bit and Stop Collar
  • Hex Wrench
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