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Sansin DEC Samples





  • Ideal for protecting and enhancing Cedar, Pine, Treated Wood
  • Will not peel, crack or blister
  • Low VOC
  • Two coat formula
  • Coverage of approximately 200-300n square feet per gallon
  • Available in several color shades
  • Application on wood with high humidity up to 25%

Come in store to discover our wooden display presenting the different colors offered by SANSIN

SANSIN DEC is Durable, two-coat protection for high-wear horizontal wood surfaces like decks, docks and balconies. Provides excellent UV and weather protection and will not crack, peel or blister. SANSIN DEC Topcoat provides a fuller, medium-luster finish.



  • Environmentally friendly
  • Penetrating water-borne alkyd formula
  • Low VOC
  • Molecularly compatible – creates a monolithic bond with wood for long term protection
  • Deep wood penetration – ensuring wood stability and long-term integral protection
  • Dimensional stabilization – reduces warping, shrinking, checking
  • Non-flammable
  • Nano Tints – translucent, finely ground iron oxide pigments provide exceptional clarity and protection
  • UV protection – designed for maximum UV resistance to ensure long term maintainability
  • Repels water but allows evaporation – critical to long term wood stability



  • Horizontal ad vertical wood surfaces
  • Decks, balconies and fences
  • New and old wood
  • Cedar, spruce, pine, fir, pressure treated lumber and exotic hardwoods


Color Grain Visibility Finish Naturals Transparent Flat Low lustre Translucent Transparent Flat Low lustre Saturated Semi Transparent Flat Low lustre Ultra Saturated Semi Transparent Flat Low lustre



We recommend for wood in the state to wait 6 to 8 weeks after installation before starting the application of SANSIN DEC

  • Stir well before and during the application process.
  • Test formula on an inconspicuous wood surface to ensure proper color and penetration.
  • Apply in proper conditions: Ideal temperature of 21°C (70°F) and relative humidity of approximately 50% • Do not apply if rain or near freezing temperatures are expected.
  • Apply the first coat of Dec to the point of refusal using an appropriate tint load relative to the system or number of coats being applied (see dealer for details).
  • If a low luster non film forming finish is desired apply a second coat of SANSIN DEC appropriately tinted to the surface, following proper drying, and working procedures.
  • If a medium luster full finish is desired apply an appropriately tinted coat of SANSIN DEC Topcoat using proper application and working procedures. A third coat of SANSIN DEC Topcoat may be applied for improved finish and durability.
  • Saturate the wood surface.
  • Brush out all puddles and runs and apply evenly.
  • Do not apply on wood that is warm to touch.
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight.
  • Continually check the surface; wipe up all puddles and brush out run



Horizontal surfaces require maintenance every 1-4 years. Maintenance is necessary when the surface shows signs of wear, such as fading or erosion. Maintaining your wood on a regular basis will ensure long-lasting color retention, exceptional dimensional stabilization, and effective water repellency. Periodically, clean the wood surface with a power washer or SANSIN MULTI-WASH to remove dirt and residue. How frequently maintenance coats are required will depend on the quality of prior preparation, quality of application and exposure levels. If fading or erosion is evident, prepare wood by using a power washer to lightly clean the wood surface; or use SANSIN MULTI-WASH. Then re-apply one maintenance coat of SANSIN DEC according to instructions. Exposure, workmanship and color will affect the performance of the coating.

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