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Ensemble d'EcoTrowel - 6 x 100g
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EcoTrowel - 25g
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EcoTrowel - 100g
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Out of stock
Ensemble d'EcoTrowel - 6 x 25g
In stock : 2 CH
Thick, high gloss epoxy finish. One coat equals up to 55 coats of varnish. It can be applied over wood, newspaper or magazine clippings, photographs, leather, ceramic, rocks, dried flowers and other items. Clear.

EcoTrowel is a high performance epoxy filler and profiling product formulated for surface repair and preparation.It can be applied to wood, concrete - even canvas - to a thickness of 1/2" without sagging or slumping. It can be easily sanded, shaped, drilled, tapped, machined, routered & remains durable for life.

  • Cure time: 48 hours
  • Set to touch: 6 à 8 hours
  • Recoat time: minimum 6 à 8 hours
  • Foot traffic: 24 hours

* Please note that it depends on ambient temp, humidity and thickness


Surface and tools are easy to clean with a clean cloth and denatured alcohol or warm soapy water.

Recommended surfaces:

EcoTrowel can be used on concrete, wood, fiberglass, pvc and more.


Direction for use:


Remove all dust and loose debris from craks or surface using comressed air and/or a vacuum cleaner.

Mixing instructions

Squeeze part A and part B until the center pouch seal breaks. Then knead the contents of both parts together for 2-3 minutes, until color & texture are consistent throughout batch.


Using a trowel or putty knife, begin applying EcoPoxy Ecotrowel to prepped surface immediately after mixing.

Note: If 24 hours has elapsed from time of application, then additional preparation is required.  

To provide a profile for bonding, lightly sand entire surface with 120 grit sand paper until glossy finish has been removed. Remove all dust and wipe down entire surface with isopropyl or denatured alcohol to remove contaminants.