SamaN Tung oil

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SamaN Tung oil

Tung oil provides a beautiful hand-rubbed finish while protecting wood against spills and stains. It can also be uses as a touch-up for scratches and to restore old tired finishes.

It comes in multiple pre-mixed colours to suit any décor. All colors are intermixable so virtually any wood tone can be created.

The deep penetrating formula revitalizes dry, thirsty aged wood to its original beauty.


Specifications :

  • Beautifies and protect all interior wood surfaces
  • Prevents cracking and discoloration or the wood
  • Easy wipe-on applicaiton
  • Superior protective finish
  • Protection against UV
  • Low COV
  • Dries fast
  • Made in Canada


Usages :

Recommended for use on all interior wood surfaces – including paneling, woodwork, hardwood floors, wood furniture, window frames, etc.


Preparing your surfaces :

Apply only to bare or newly stained woods. Remove any old finishes, wax, grease before using tung oil. Wood should be sanded smooth following the wood grain direction ending with fine 120 grit sandpaper, for floors end with 150 grit sandpaper.

This step is essential to obtain good results. Remove all sand dust.

Allow to dry wood that has been stained at least 4 hours before applying the tung oil.


Application :

Shake thoroughly to evenly mix the color pigments in the oil. The finish will have a slight amber color, and should be tested in an inconspicuous area to determine the desire color and final effect. Simply wipe it on with a soft cloth or cotton blend.

Allow to penetrate 5-10 minutes. Wipe off any excess.

IMPORTANT : Never let a coat dry without removing the excess.

The application of a varnish is not needed, however, if a higher sheen is required, a waterbased varnish can be applied after 7 days.


Wood floor application & maintenance :

During the first days after the treatment the floor should not be used, if possible. The longer you allow your floor to "rest", the longer its life span will be. If your floor is damaged within the first 2 weeks after the treatment, you can rework the floor with tung oil you used without having to pre-sand.

After at least 4 weeks of hardening time, you can completely use your room again. Even on completely hardened floors you should avoid extremely heavy loads.


Coverage :

Depending upon wood porosity :

  • 500 ml covers approximately 150 sq. ft. (14 m²)
  • 1 L cover approximately 300 sq. ft. (28 m²)
  • 3,78 L covers approximately 1 100 sq. ft. (102 m²)

Do not thin.


Wood maintenance and repair :

In case of worn-out surface or scratches and damages, follow these different treatments.

Sand the damaged and/or worn-out surfaces with 240 grit sandpaper and directly afterwards with 400 grit sandpaper. Then polish the damaged area with tung oil that you used and wait 16 hours to let it dry. This procedure must be repeated until reaching the gloss level of the surrounding area.


Storage :

Store at room temperature.

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