Monocoat natural wooden oil SOLO

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Monocoat natural wooden oil SOLO

Ligna Solo oil is a resin and natural oils product designed to protect floors and other interior wood surfaces.

It offers an excellent resistance against abrasion and does not create a film on the wood surface. Thanks to its penetrating capacity, SOLO feeds the wood and protects it against water and other stains. SOLO allows for easy touch up at any time. Its natural or coloured hues give a rich look and a satin flat finish.

To download the application instructions, in english, click here >

To download the application instructions, in french, click here >


Specification :

  • Monocoat application
  • Excellent resistance against abrasion
  • Rehausse le caractère du bois
  • Feeds the wood
  • Protects wood against water and other stains.
  • Made from resin and natural oils
  • Suitable for any interior surfaces


Coverage rate :

The quantity of oil to cover a given surface varies according to the hardness and the specie of the wood to be treated.

  • Low density wood, as white and red pine, and torrefied wood, etc. : 200 to 250 sq. ft./liter
  • Medium density wood, as oak, birch, yellow birch,  etc. : 250 to 300 sq. ft./liter
  • High density wood, as maple, Brezilian Cherry, ipe, bamboo,  etc. : 300 to 500 sq. ft./liter


Sizes available :

  • 237 ml
  • 946 ml


Colors available (Please refer to the color chart available in the product's photos) :

  • 00 - Natural
  • 01 - Honey
  • 02 - Camel
  • 03 - Golden pine
  • 04 - Paprika
  • 05 - Brandy
  • 06 - Sienna
  • 07 - Grenoble
  • 08 - Cappuccino
  • 09 - Mahogany
  • 10 - Rose Wood
  • 11 - White ultra
  • 12 - Drift wood
  • 13 - Shrew
  • 14 - Anthracite
  • 15 - Ebony
  • 16 - Umber brown


Preparation :

  1. The surface must be clean, and free of wax and varnish residue
  2. Make sure the product is at room temperature before application. Room temperature must be over 15 °C.
  3. The product must be thoroughly mixed with a stick before application.
  4. The surface must be sanded in the trend of wood texture with a sandpaper 100-120 grit before application. As the oil penetrates deeper in a softer wood, we recommand the use of a sand paper 150 grit for soft woods.
  5. Do not use a damp cloth to remove dust. That would raise the wood structure, which would result in an uneven application.
  6. To remove the dust, use a vacuum and a tack cloth.
  7. However, for high density wood, as maple or exotic wood, it is important to raise the wood structure to get a better penetration.
    1. Direction : Moisten the wood with a floor mop or a damp cloth. When the surface is completely dry (about two hours), sand the floor lightly with a sandpaper 220 grit to « break » the raised wood structure. Remove dust thoroughly and apply the SOLO oil.


Application :

By hand :

  1. Apply a very thin coat with an applicator pad, a microfiber pad or a lambskin. It is important to spread the oil, so it does not leave an excess of thickness
  2. After a maximum of 5-10 minutes, rub the floor with a bleached cotton cloth, in the trend of the wood structure, to stimulate the penetration and eliminate any excess of oil.


Electric polisher :

  1. Apply a very thin coat with an applicator pad, a microfiber pad or a lambskin. It is important to spread the oil, so it does not leave an excess of thickness.
  2. Polish mechanically with a green pad to stimulate the penetration of the oil.
  3. Optional : To get a brighter gloss, polish with an electrical polisher equipped with a white pad 60 minutes after the use of the green pad.

As a monocoat, Solo requires only one coat, but it is possible to apply a second coat, which gives a colour about 20% darker than a one coat application. In very hot and humid weather, it is recommended to dilute the oil by adding 10 % of odorless mineral diluent.


Drying time :

  • After 24 hours : moderate and careful use
  • After 5 days : routine use
  • After 10 day : First use of cleaning and maintenance products
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