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Micro Jig GRR-RIPPER2 Go Push Block. The Grr-ripper2 Go is the fastest solution for safe and precise table saw cuts.

  • It protects hands and fingers from cuts and injuries, like a moving blades or guards.
  • Virtually eliminates kickback while you work.
  • The industry-leading grip easily holds and controls the work piece.

Over-engineered for safety, it can help you cut small parts safely and accurately with three powerful gripping legs. Perfect for making precise, thin cuts down to 5/16" (8mm). There is no bare hand feeding and it keeps the work piece tight on the fence, preventing kickback.

Each Grr-ripper2 Go comes fully assembled and includes a color-coded fence scale sticker. The unique ColorMatch™ sticker helps you align to the correct tunnel with the saw blade. Easily and quickly make rip cuts and control the keeper and off-cut when operating the table saw.

When feeding and cutting material longer than 16", the use of two Grr-ripper2 Go's is recommended. With the hand-over-hand feeding technique, you can rip material smoothly to an unlimited length (with proper in-feed and out-feed support). This protects both hands while getting virtually burn-free cuts.

Robust control makes this a handy companion on the router table too. It keeps the material from kicking back or shifting against the bit. The built-in clearance step allows you to guide directly against the fence to prevent snipe or uneven cuts, as well as preventing cutting into the block.

When used on the jointer standard push blocks either slip or break down, making them unreliable, and they can cause uneven planing. With Grr-ripper2 Go's commanding grip, you can apply just the right amount of pressure to get a smooth, clean, and flat plane off the jointer.

Prevent band saw drift in the cut by applying even pressure along the cut when re-sawing. The extreme grip will help you ease the material through without putting your fingers in harm's way.

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