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Ensemble de turbine et pistolet HVLP T-90Q Lemmer

The T-90Q is our most up to date system featuring a 4-stage turbine motor, the new A728 non-bleeder gun, and an innovative control system. It has the power of our much larger T-95 and T-97 models and the compact size of the T-55Q. With sound levels of 64-71 dBa at 6 ft when spraying, the T-90Q is the quietest HVLP unit in our line.

Many systems using a non-bleeder gun have a problem of heat build up in the turbine when the gun trigger is closed but the motor is still working at full speed. For the T-90Q Lemmer has created a patent pending technology that adjusts the motor to a slower standby speed when the trigger is closed, thus reducing heat and increasing turbine life. This feature is combined with 4 fixed speeds, each representing approximately 1 stage of turbine power, making it easy to select the right pressure for any job. By using our A-728 non-bleeder gun together with this new control technology, the T-90Q delivers cooler air than competitive 4 stage units and can produce a better finish in fast drying materials.

The T-90Q delivers large quantities of clean dry air to the spray gun for a superior finish with high transfer efficiency. Coatings that can be sprayed include varnish, stains, lacquer, urethane, enamel, latex, oil base, multi color, etc.

This system is a complete kit which includes: T-90Q turbine, A728 gun with general purpose 1.5mm needle, 2.0 needle kit for thicker materials, 25 ft air hose, air flow control valve, viscosity cup and 250 ml mini container for fine work.

A new feature for 2011 is that the T-90Q now includes the 3M ™ PPS™ paint container system. This unique system holds the paint in flexible liners which allow the gun to spray on any angle without fan flutter, even upside down. Cleanup is simple as the liner can be disposed of, or gently cleaned at the end of the job.

For large jobs we suggest adding the L080-100 cart kit with L011-075 pot and L080-644 hose. This turns the T-90Q into a powerful 2.25 gallon remote feed system.

Specifications: 11.5 amps @ 120 V, 8 psi sealed, 4 stage, 5.7 inch turbine, 4 speeds, 25 ft hose supplied, max hose length 75 ft., 34 lbs shipping weight.
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