Océanic® Air Protect® waterborne varnish - Satin finish

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Océanic® Air Protect® waterborne varnish - Satin finish - 1 L
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Océanic® Air Protect® waterborne varnish - Satin finish - 2.5 L
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Océanic® Air Protect® waterborne varnish - Satin finish

This single component and pure water-based polyurethane varnish provides very high resistance against stains, abrasion, impacts and scratche. Stays flexible : moulds to distorsions in the wood, does not crack. Odourless.

It leaves the wood in its natural colour and enhances its grain. It can be applied on all species of wood. It saves the natural colour of light woods.

The Air Protect® technology of this varnish block up to 80% VOC's emissions from the floor and block up to 40% VOC's emissions in the room. Non slippery.


Specifications :

  • Odourless
  • Easy to apply
  • Preserves the natural look and colour of wood
  • Don't hide the veins and the grain of the wood
  • Non-slip finish
  • Block up to 80% of VOC's emissions from the floor
  • Block up to 40% of VOC's emissions in the room


Coverage rate :

  • 1 liter of varnish cover approximately 10 m² (108 ft²) per coat


Sizes available :

  • 1 L
  • 2.5 L


Available finishes :


Preparation :

The wood must be clean and dry. Make sur the surface is free of any old varnish, oil, wax or other finishing product. Sand the wood with a 120 grit paper. Remove dust carefully. Ready to use. Shake well before use. Do not dilute.


Application :

  1. Three (3) coats of varnish are required for better results.
  2. Apply varnish following the grain of the wood with a synthetic high quality silk brush, sponge brush, a 6 mm roll or a spray gun. A sightly "milky" colouration of the liquid lacquer vanishes during drying.
  3. Leave the surface to dry 2 hours between each coat and sand with a 180 grit paper.
  4. Remove dust carefully before coats.


Drying time :

  • Dry enough to be touched : 25 minutes
  • Between coats : after 2 hours at 20°C and before 48 hours
  • Light use : 12 hours
  • Usual use : 24 hours
  • Fully dry : 10 day
  • First wet cleaning : after 10 days


Cleaning :

  • Remove dust with a vacuum equipped with a gentle natural fiber brush if it's necessary.
  • Clean with a floor mop moisten and a gentle soap that does note leave a sticky surface film.

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