Wecheer rotary & carving tool kit - model 320

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Wecheer rotary & carving tool kit - model 320

This multi-use tool includes many accessories so you can do many task such as; carving, engraving, brushing, polishing, sanding, grinding, cutting, cleaning, sharpening, drilling, smoothing and more.

Almost all accessories and rotating bit can be installed on this tool. The flexible 42 " cable is easy to install and connects easily to the carving handpiece and the rotary handpiece. Perfect for work in the hard to reach areas.


Specifications :

  • Variable speed up to 30 000 RPM
  • Start switch independent of the speed adjustment button
  • The carving handpiece is design for smooth and accurate chipping and carving. Carving blade head does not move until pressed on piece to be carved
  • The rotary handpiece is design to work on soft metals, plastic, ceramics, glass and wood. Convenient spring chuck rotary head design (accept accessories with 1/64" to 1/8" shanks). High heat resistant ball bearing design.

Includes :

  • A variable speed rotary tool
  • A 42" flexible shaft
  • A carving piece
  • A rotary piece
  • 5 carving blade
  • 7 all purpose rotary bit
  • A wrench
  • 1/8" collet
  • 3/32" collet
  • A plastic storage case