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Panels – Precision Cuts

Make your life easier by allowing us to cut your panels for you! With over 100 000 cuts performed annually, our experts will be able to carry out even your most specific requests. We have multiple finishing panels, particles boards and offer a complete line of Russian birch plywood.

Order online or come and speak with us in-store.

Have your cuts prepared easily using our Cutting Plan Form.

Workshop hours : 

Monday to Saturday : 8am to 4:30pm

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Laminated Wood Panels

Often used to make counter and table tops, stairs, furniture parts, and even mantelpieces, laminated wood panels provide excellent stability and the possibility of purchasing larger pieces.

Our laminated panels are created according to the rules by our experienced personnel.

Cross laminated panels can reach dimensions of up to 48” in width, 8' in length, and 2 ¼ “ in thickness in the species of your choice.

We create your laminated panels with food-safe waterproof glue, while following good woodworking practices in order to ensure durability.


Check our in-stock products or come in store to make our own customize laminated pannel.

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Dimensional Lumber

Dimensional lumber, commonly called B4F, is a ready-to-use wood. It has already been planed and cut to the desired dimensions.

Choose your planks from our inventory, or order the dimensions you need in the species of your choice.

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In addition to a collection of exclusive design moldings that are designed and manufactured on site with premium quality wood, we offer a custom molding service.


If you’ve taken a shine to one of our particular moulding styles and would like to obtain it in the lumber of your choice, we can customize it on-site with the type of wood you prefer.


For those who lovingly restore old furniture or architectural details, Langevin Forest offers moulding duplication services. We can reproduce antique style mouldings that will allow you to restore and retain the historical details of your project.

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