Work Sharp Ken Onion knife and tool sharpener

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Work Sharp Ken Onion knife and tool sharpener

The perfect tool for sharpens every type of blades. Accurate and versatile sharpening guide, adjustable from 15° à 30°. Designed in partnership with legendary hall of fame knife maker Ken Onion. Fast and easy to use. The belt flexes to any blade shape and creates a strong, shaving sharp edge on your blade. The edge is stronger, cuts better, and stays sharper longer.


Features :

  • Adjustable angle sharpening guide (15° - 30°), easy to use
  • Heavy duty motor with variable speed
  • Use premium flexible abrasive belts
  • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip
  • Power switch with variable speed dial
  • Power switch lock out
  • Cassette lock lever allows to change position for more versatility
  • Bench mount fastener, ideal for freehand sharpening


Package includes :

  • One Work Sharp Ken Onion knife and tool sharpener
  • One P120 extra coarse abrasive belt
  • One X65 coarse abrasive belt (P220 equivalent)
  • One X22 medium abrasive belt (P1000 equivalent)
  • One X4 fine abrasive belt (P3000 equivalent)
  • One 6000 extra-fine abrasive belt
  • One user’s guide
  • One quick start guide
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