Lemmer T-55Q HVLP Turbine with Gun

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Lemmer T-55Q HVLP Turbine with Gun

Lemmer HVLP sprayers are used for fine finishing where overspray must be kept to a minimum. The turbine systems are self contained and do not require an outside air source. The finish results are equal to or better than conventional air spray. Their High Volume and Low Pressure means high transfer efficiency. This efficiency can reach as high as 90% which results in material savings, and healthier working environment. Materials which can be sprayed include varnish, urethane, lacquer, stain, latex and oil base.


T-55Q is an excellent unit for occasional work or as a starter kit. Its quiet 2 stage turbine provides dry warm air to all metal A-710S bleeder type gun with insulated handle. The A-710S  is supplied with a general purpose 1.4mm nozzle.


*Before spraying a finish using your HVLP turbine, always make sure it is compatible with your device.

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