Pro Edge Sharpenning System

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Système d'affutage ProEdge Sorby

Central to the ProEdge is an abrasive belt which is a quick and efficient method of putting a keen edge on each and every tool. The cool running belt avoids any overheating. Perfect for any woodworkers, especially wood turners, there are additional attachments to help overcome sharpening difficulties with skew chisels, standard and fingernail profile gouges.


Practicality: Ready to use straight out of the box, no assembly required. Plug and Sharpen.


Accuracy: All common sharpening and honing angles are easily achieved with the indexable angle setter


Repeatability: The unique angle setter ensures the same sharpening angle EVERY time, thereby reducing the amount of tool steel removed


Cost Efficient: Abrasive belts are the only parts that need to be replaced and are inexpensive compared to other alternatives


Professional Finish: The efficient abrasive belts are cool running and give a clean consistent finish to your tool.


Speed: The angle setter allows for very quick selection of 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 45, 60, 80 and 90 degrees which makes sharpening your tools a pleasure. The angle setter information guide on the front of the ProEdge shows exactly which hole represents the desired angle.


Versatility: Ideal for woodworking chisels, planes, carving and turning tools as well as utility knives, kitchen knives, shears and lawn mower blades.


The Sorby ProEdge includes the following:

A 120 grit Aluminium Oxide belt, 2" x 30-1/2"
A 60 grit Zirconium belt, 2" x 30-1/2"


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