White Wood Oak Veneer On Quarter 48’’x96’’

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White Wood Oak Veneer On Quarter 48’’x96’’

White Oak Wood Veneer On Quarter 48’’x96’’

Available in a roll measuring 48" wide by 96" long.
Lined with 10/1000 paper. Thickness 1/32".

Applying wood veneer sheets is a delicate process that requires precision and attention to detail. By using the right application techniques, you will obtain a result that meets your expectations.

Generally, there are three methods for applying a veneer.

    • Contact glue, the most popular method. Bonding time is short, and the veneer adheres quickly. For more details go to contact cement Lepage. 
    • Titebond veneer glue, requires the use of clamps, a vacuum system, a manual or hydraulic press. Drying time can vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours. For more details go to Titebound cold press veneer glue. 
    • Fish glue, mainly used for repairing and using small pieces of veneer. Once dried, it can be reactivated by moistening it. For more details go to liquid fish glue.
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SpeciesWhite Oak
Type of veneerVeneer
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